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MC75i, TC63i, TC65i

The MC75i, TC65i, TC65i-X, and TC63i product platform brings big benefits to your business with EDGE, GPRS, GSM, and Java™ technology, optimized size and performance that comes courtesy of an ARM9 processor, and an RLS Monitor (Jamming Detection). Apart from the difference in lengths, the new platform’s modules are compatible with the MC75, TC65, and TC63 modules. Built on a common technology platform, the three new modules offer Quad-Band GSM, TCP/IP functionality, and M2M interfaces such as a serial or I²C bus. Engineered for compatibility, they share the same size, mounting array, and command set.

The different modules’ data transmission speeds and the Java™ open platform funcitionality vary to meet the needs of various M2M applications such as metering, security, remote maintenance, and control. The MC75i, TC65i, TC65i-X, and TC63i keep your options open, enabling you to respond to changing demands simply by switching to another module. With hallmarks including optimized performance, miniaturized dimensions, and enriched features, these three modules are ready today to satisfy tomorrow’s demands.

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End of Life announcement 7-30-2015

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