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Please click here to download our Terms and Conditions. SynPaQ/E Flat Rate Repair information and pricing. 

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GPS for Scholars


A Public Service Program by Synergy Systems, LLC In January of 1999, Synergy Systems, LLC kicked off it's GPS for Scholars program with the intention of assisting both teachers and students with their GPS product needs. To date, the GPS for Scholars program has successfully supported many projects ranging from Model Rocketry in a high school physics curriculum to university level hardware/software design classes, including several graduate level research projects. Other projects have included precision timing and many robotic and remote position control applications. As more of these various projects come to fruition, we hope to expand this page with pictures [...]

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Non Disclosure Agreement


Certain business transactions require a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA).  If required, please click here to download our latest NDA. Please fax it back to us at +1-858-566-0666. Download NDA

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