Specifying Coax Cables for GPS Antenna Systems

The following is a formula for calculating the cost for special lengths of coax cable assemblies. The Timing3000 antenna is rated at 25dB and the VIC-100 typically averages 35dB (although the specs say 30dB min). Therefore, the lengths of coax cable these antennas can accommodate are different.

Antenna Type & Cable Lengths

Cable Type Connectors Part Numbers Timing3000 w/ N Conn VIC-100/TNC Cable w/ TNC Conn
1-A LMR-195 TNC to BNC 10001241-xx 20m – 40m
1-B  LMR-195 N to BNC 10001295-xx 5m – 20m
1-C LMR-195 N to N 10001434-xx 5m – 20m
2-A LMR-240 TNC to BNC 10001231-xx  40m – 55m
2-B LMR-240 N to BNC 10001289-xx 20m – 30m
2-C LMR-240 N to N 10001442-xx 20m – 30m
3-A LMR-400 TNC to BNC 10001297-xx 55m – 100m
3-B LMR-400 N to BNC 10001279-xx 30m – 55m
3-C LMR-400 N to N 10001399-xx 30m – 55m

The above cable lengths are valid for the iLotus M12M Series.
The final two digits in the cable part number (a “dash number”) indicate the cable length in meters (e.g. 10001241-50 is a 50 meter cable length). These costs are based on LMR series coax cable (Times Wire) with solid copper inner conductor.

Delivery of special antenna cables is generally between 10-15 days ARO
Extension cables for other types of active and passive GPS antennas are quoted of request.

Custom cables built to customer length specifications are not returnable.

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